Sunday, 15 February 2015

Meet Mae West

I dug into the 2nd fleece and I am calling her Mae West. I think she liked to roll around in the hay a bit; there is a fair bit of veggie matter in the fleece.

I was a bit too eager in my attack on the first batch and ended up slightly felting some bits of it. I didn't want to repeat that so I turned to Google and found some fabulous articles on scouring fleece by Deb Robson and  Claddagh Fibre Arts. I learned about prepping the fleece before even thinking about putting it into the water. The reason I bought this second fleece was because it has an 8 inch staple length and so I really wanted to keep them separated and loose.

She went from this ....Mae, you dirty girl!

to this.....and by now I am pretty used to the smell. I decided to do this in my studio this time instead of my kitchen, seems way too logical.

I laid the locks neatly and in order in a mesh basket I found at the dollar store which fits perfectly into my totes and put it thru 4 consecutive rinses. the first with soap and the last 3 with just hot water. This time I curbed my enthusiasm and kept my hands out of the water as to not agitate the fleece. 

When I went to lay them out on the drying rack (after a quick whizz in the salad spinner) they came out perfect and still in the individual bundles. Awesome! The prepping took a bit of time but it came out so much better than just a big wad of curls.

words of wisdom...


  1. are you every going to have fun playing with all that wool! Can't wait to see what you create!