Sunday, 11 January 2015

I don't believe in New Years' resolutions, it is just setting yourself up for failure so why do that to yourself? Instead I think about making positive changes and setting goals for myself.

If I don't achieve them during the year, I look at them as something to follow up with at a later date because I am obviously not ready for that particular thing or I will take bits and pieces from those goals and make smaller goals. At least then, I don't feel like a complete loser who fails at keeping resolutions.

I have had a year full of many ups and downs, medical issues and then menopause reared its ugliness in full force and turned my hormones haywire. I am surprised that more women don't kill someone(husband or Telus employee) during this hormonal upheaval because it is like a complete trip to Crazy-Town.

I would like to extend a truly heartfelt apology to any woman that I have judged as being "bat shit crazy" because she was probably deep in the throes of menopause and only needed a small push to send her over the edge into a tearful meltdown or a " I am going to punch you in the face because the sound of your voice is making me angry". I have had to become a studio recluse to save my friends and townsfolk from witnessing my absurd behaviours. It is like having your body completely turn against you.

How I plan to maintain my changes and goals thru these times of hormones and meltdowns is by keeping many lists and those lists will probably contain more lists. I am also making myself a daily work schedule because right now I can't remember what I had planned to do 2 minutes ago. This will include signs up all over my house to remind myself that I am on a schedule and where I keep my lists.

I think this could be my most challenging year to date. In case you don't fully understand.....