Sunday, 21 September 2014

On the Weave

Last spring when my mom was visiting, she asked me if I could weave her a piece of fabric so she could make a vest or top. she sent me some inspirational colours and I finally got around to measuring out and winding the warp on the loom. The pattern she is intending to use comes from the SAORI blue book and needs a 30cm width and about 2m long. I thought I would weave 3 metres so she could make a pillow or something out of it as well. What's one more meter?!!

These are her colour choices.

These are the warp thread colours and they consist of cotton, bamboo and tensel. I love the bamboo and tensel because they have a bit of a sheen on them and they are silky soft.

The weft will be a combination of silks ribbons and yarns, rayon, cotton, bamboo, wool, a bit of bling and whatever else might be interesting to add.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Yarn-aholic not so anonymous

A couple of weeks ago when I was working at the Gleaners, I found this incredible bag of yarn bits. I have no idea what it would have been from  but  it was full of these 2-3 foot long pieces of different coloured wool.  The colours were so fantastic and all seemed to go together, so I had to have it. I really didn't know what I was going to do with it all but I was sure I would come up with something.

I decided to do some sample weaves with it and it was so much fun! I had no intention of unravelling all the bits so I would just grab some chunky bits, stretch it out and then weave it in. Some parts had large, loose loops and some were small and tight. It all was gorgeous whichever way it was woven. All the colours worked well together so it really didn't take a lot of thought on  how to match the colours up, it was all  just fabulous and fun. I just love the tactile quality and the pure craziness of weaving this way. No tight, super technical weaving for me!! 

This is just a small sampling but I have big plans for the rest of the bag, and it doesn't include the cooking channel!lol I think I spend way too much time by myself.;)

I know, I know....

I am repeatedly told that I need to blog more. I think about writing on here during the day but other things just seem more important at the time. Like juicing cherries, 200lbs worth, which is what I am doing at the same time I am writing this. Since menopause strolled into my life, this is about as multitasking as I can manage!lol  Thinking and typing at the same time is going to be a stretch for my 2 remaining brain cells.
To tax my brain even more, I also have the TV on the cooking channel. I like to watch it, think, yeah, I could make that, and then promptly go and get myself a bowl of cheerios or ice cream.  A commercial just came on for Miguel's cooking adventure or something, I can't remember but who cares!! Miguel is beautiful! It really doesn't matter what he is cooking! I am sitting in the chair, stuffing my face waiting for Miguel to take his shirt off while he is tossing a salad by a pool. Sad thing is, I am probably old enough to be his mom. When did this happen?!!

I might be old but I can still be a goof!