Sunday, 27 July 2014

Out of the Garagio and into the Studio

Renovations just never seem to end. This summer it is my studio getting an overhaul but I am not complaining about this, I will finally have a beautiful door and some heat!!

Over the last 2 months I have been in  the "pseudo studio" or the 2 car garage while my studio was renovated. A smallish job that seemed to go on for ever. New concrete with underfloor heat, new garden doors, more space and cupboards for my treasures, it is such a nice place to work now.

I am slowly moving back in and getting it all put back together, but it is funny how when you move into a nice new, clean, space how some of the old stuff you have been coveting really looks like crap and probably always was crap but had some kind of potential.  Right now it is so bright, empty and uncluttered it is lovely! So, unfortunately I can't just move back in, I have to cull the herd of ceramic "supplies" and  bits that I have accumulated, the dump pile in the back of Brian's truck is steadily growing. He is always so "happy" when he comes home from work and sees what I have been up to and the jobs I have for him.

In the pseudo studio the lighting was poor so I would work with the overhead doors up and so mice have decided they want to be studio assistants and have made some nests in my newspaper packed pots. This really isn't working out as the the odd frog and even a stinky little gopher who got stuck behind some boxes and chirped loudly all day until I kicked his butt out, have also decided they want in too.  The mice have become the biggest problem, I found a nest of babies in a bowl and thankfully the shop vac was handy, they went up and out of that bowl in a flash!! It was awesome! It really hasn't deterred the newest batch I hear rustling around in the boxes. Shop vac in hand, they won't last long before they decide ceramics isn't for them.

Finally empty!! Let the demo begin

cutting the concrete

 removing the slab

underfloor heat!!


patiently waiting

the door!!

Moving back in. I acid stained my floor and I love it!