Tuesday, 15 April 2014

I swear....today is the day

So, my father in law Joe, turned 95 last weekend and I couldn't make it to his birthday party because I still had so much work to do for Arts and Culture Week. I thought about him a lot  though, and all the stories he has told me over the years. Some were pretty funny but the one thing that stuck out in my mind on Sunday was  that he didn't think that women should swear.

hmm.....It is probably a good thing he wasn't visiting me while I was glazing 20 burlesque chickens and a million flowers.  Most of my work is once fired so all the glazing is done at the greenware stage which is extremely fragile and prone to breakage. Things were pretty dicey,  especially after too little sleep, too much coffee and a wee bit of stress.

It was like a war zone out there, f-bombs dropping all over the place and I had no control what so ever!! I even threw in a few new words that seemed to add to the whole experience. I am sure that Joe wouldn't have been really impressed with my skills, but sometimes you really need the proper vocabulary for the situation. I think I nailed it. Happy birthday Joe!!

Nettie and Joe Young

Burlesque chickens in the making

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The Head Show

I have been a part of the Rotary Wine Art event for the last couple of years here in Creston. It is a fundraising event for the  Creston Rotary Club that showcases 12 wineries; some local as well as some from the Okanagan, there is also a gorgeous art display for all the participants to peruse and purchase.  Good Food, good wine and fabulous art, can't get much better than that!! This year's Wine Art is on Friday May 30, 2014.

This year I am planning the art part to be a wee bit different!! Instead of having an art display, we are going to have a live and silent auction. I have 16 artists from this area  decorating  a styrofoam head any way they want, it just can't look like a styrofoam head when they are done. Then we are going to auction them off.

It has been so exciting to see everyone's enthusiasm and creativity for this project. Many of the artists have thanked me for letting them  participate and for giving them an opportunity to think outside of their normal ideas and "head space"!!

Win Dinn who is a multi media artist extraordinaire, used a novel by Jeffrey Deaver (currently an international number-one bestselling American mystery/crime writer) as her medium of choice and along with dryer sheets, paint, and loads of creativity, came up with this beauty…

It is called "Roadside Crosses: She inhaled much too quickly" (titled and inspired by one of Jeffrey's  books)  and she is gorgeous!! Win also contacted Jeffrey Deaver for permission to sell this "book" at the Wine Art Event  and he was so happy with what she had done, he posted it to his Facebook page as well as on twitter!! Way to go Win!! You rock sister! Check out her post and Jeffrey Deaver's Facebook page.

This is the head that I have been working on based on a Sugar Skull illustration. I still need to fire and glaze it and it is going to have a small set of LED lights in it.  Can I bid on my own head? I want to keep it!!

small lobotomy before firing

Here are some of the other heads that I have seen either still in progress or in my hot little hands.

This little sampling is  from Anne Fetterly, it is made of silk and dyed with gorgeous indigo! I can't wait to see the finished product! I can see I am going to have to start saving my money for the Wine Art Auction!! Yikes!!

Maureen Cameron and her sister Audrey Herridge did this super cool bird's head!!
 I love the vintage cage. 

 This sublime beauty is by Joanne Ferry, LOVE the necklace!

A work in progress by Shprixieland Studios. I am so happy to have them participate in this! They are totally freaking crazy and make really cool stuff!! They are really cute too and I love them.

Keep your eaves and ears open for tickets to Wine Art 2014, I think they are going to sell out fast this year!!