Monday, 23 April 2012

Snowing at Penland, NC

Today we woke up to a bout of winter!! It is actually snowing here in North Carolina and it  is freaking cold!! Funny thing is that I heard it was 27C in Creston today.
We have some people in our class who have never seen does that work?!!

We are on the last week of actually making work before we have to get it all into many kilns and multiple firings and then finished before mid next week. Life here is crazy enough without the added pressure!!!

 This past weekend we had the first annual Highland Games where all the studios competed against each other in traditional Highland style.  I was placed into the Caber Toss category, obviously no one had previously noticed the size of my arms. I had to lift a log and toss it and it had to end over end at least once before landing. To my (and many other's) surprise I actually achieved this feat and only lost by a meagre 2 feet in distance which made me very proud. My competitors were 2 guys, one under 20 and the other around 30 I think. You can see my competitor eying up my form behind me.

 Claylandia Clan

Me and the Roomies

After the games were over, Claylandia came in 2nd behind Books(bookbinding class) who came out of nowhere to plunder  and dominate most of the events including the Bonniest Knees category, even tho they were without the required plaid(this causing strife among the many clans). All in all, fun was had by all, the keg was drained by 930pm and the beaver cake eaten down to crumbs...until next time..... 

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Friday, 20 April 2012

Just a quick post

Here is another project that I am currently working on. I have used the newspaper transfer technique and I will be carving it as well. It just looks so cool I am afraid to carve it!! Time to carve the shit out of it and work it till it's pretty!!

Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter at Penland

All the visitors filing in to The Pines for brunch. The lineup ended up going all the way to the volleyball nets and took about 25 mins to get to the food. I stayed away and ate crackers for lunch. 

The WINNING Easter Bonnet which was awarded to "the Canadian"!!

 The trophy was a super thin, laminated wood egg that was made on a lathe and was so light I thought I would break it. Thankfully it made it back to my room and into a safe place. The base which looks like a ribbon was also made on a lathe and is equally incredible craftsmanship.

 The winning bonnet....those are marshmallow Peeps stuck to the side of it. Peeps are weird Easter candies....

Visitors hunting for eggs around the grounds.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Week 4!!

So much is happening this weekend here at Penland. It is Easter weekend and I guess the folks of Penland invite the outer communities in for Easter brunch and Easter egg hunting. All the different studios have been making eggs for the hunt but I must say mine are Uggs not Eggs. They just aren't that pretty. The Ceramic Studio has made a LARGE egg that will fit into a large bowl, both thrown by James the studio assistant and embellished by me. I spent yesterday morning decorating the bowl with clay roses. It turned out pretty good. I am not sure what we are going to do with it but it may end up in the year end auction to raise money for Penland.
My instructor kathy and I have made easter bonnets for the bonnet competition. They are craaazzzy!! Imagine the Easter Bunny puking up Carmen Miranda's head piece. I think that is about the extent of our studio's participation in the Easter festivities. I think the plan is to have mimosas on the porch and watch the grownups fight their kids for the art eggs hidden all around the grounds. I have heard it can get quite ugly. I liken it to little kid hockey games and their parents fighting and yelling in the stands. And fun will be had by all!!!haha
There will be more updates on the Easter Affair at Penland on Sunday.

My roommate Tal has a bit of a sugar problem and she bought a ton of sugary junk food and made a sugar cupboard in our room. One of the things she bought was this bag of stuff called Nutter Butter Minis...Oh My Freakin' God they are good!!! I am so thankful they aren't in Canada or it would be hard to say non! They look like mini rite crackers but  they are tiny little peanut butter cookies with peanut butter squished in between them. I pretty much have had to chew off my hands to keep them out of the bag of Nutter Butters. As my friend Amy would say " they are the Devil's plaything!" 
 This is the Wall O' Junk half empty. The Nutter Butters are centre stage where they should be.

 There are so many weird foods own here it is hilarious. 

I don't hunk twist off beer caps have made it down here yet either. Maybe there is a huge market in bottle openers because you definitely need one to get into a beer or at least have a man near by with a lighter. Remember those days? wow... it is like being in the Twilight Zone....or back in high school....